Knowing what truly happens within your public transport system is a challenge.

Keep track of day-to-day operations with our independent control system.

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Busbox is a growing team, aiming to support the governance, planning, management and control of public transport systems. By combining technology with a vast transportation consultancy experience, we are able to propose and execute disruptive solutions that help our clients achieve their desired efficiency, cost saving objectives and continuous improvement goals quickly.


Evaluate public transport services' real and perceived quality, measuring kilometers produced, schedule adherence and other KPIs, in real time and without human intervention.

Public Information

Produce dynamic route and schedule information based on historical data, ensuring updated public information that reacts to real-world conditions.

Contract Management

Provide transport authorities real time information and tools to independently monitor contracted operations, evaluate the financial impacts of non-compliance and continuously improve public transport services.


Our team combines an extensive experience in transport planning, contract management and demand analysis acquired in governmental, consultancy and industry environments, with strong software development, data science and geospatial analysis skills.

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André Duarte

Business Developer

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João Gamboa

Software Developer

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